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We are THEONE, company established in 2004. with a desire to work in the frame of the IT business.
TheOne is a Serbian IT outsourcing company providing high quality software development.
We offer wide range of IT Outsourcing (ITO) software solutions that makes your business more agile and innovative by reducing expenses and risks while enhance efficiency.
We offer set of services such as Shopify e-commerce development, website development, web design, SEO, SMM.

Outsourcing IT development

Serbia is placed in Southeast Europe that makes outsourcing to Serbia very cost effective.
Serbian IT outsourcing market is the most interesting destination in Southeast Europe. Outsourcing IT to Serbia and the cooperation are eased by our geographical and cultural proximity to Europe. All these facts ensure an easy and strong cooperation of Serbian software developing companies with their clients from all over the world.

Shopify e-commerce

Are you changing how you sell?.

To be successful today, you need to be able to sell your products in as many different ways as possible. In the past this was costly and complicated – Shopify makes it easy.

Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere.

Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need. Click here to try it for free!

Website design & development

Do I need a website?

If you have a business, you should have a website.
Your website is an important part of your business. Make sure you treat it as such.

We are THEONE you are looking for.

SMM- Social Media Marketing

Presence on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ oder Twitter is just as important as a website.
We support you with the setup of your sites, provide counseling on the relevant marketing channels and establish a connection between your social media sites and your homepage.

Searching for a perfect development team?

We are THEONE you are looking for.


Shopify e-commerce

You can expand your businesses by offering you products and services online by starting an Shopify eCommerce website. Starting an Shopify eCommerce site simply means that the business is implementing a way for customers from around the world to order its products and services regardless of store hours or the store geographic location. Expanding to Shopify eCommerce can improve profitability for a business as well as increase the target markets of the business.

We develop highly customized Shopify websites.

Shopify is a complete and powerful ecommerce solution that includes everything you need to create an online store. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Shopify has the highest standards, the happiest customers and is rated the #1 ecommerce solution by store-owners and journalists alike.

We are proud to be a partner with Shopify, to help their clients and anyone else considering the Shopify’s cross boarder selling platform.

Perks of using Shopify:

• Shopify is the world’s leading commerce SAAS provider, and the platform of choice for over 100,000 active global retailers.
• Sell online, offline and on-the-go using Shopify’s powerful technology.
• Use your own domain name
• Sell gift cards
• Integrated blogging platform to create blog posts
• Process credit card payments directly through Shopify, or other gateways
• Process in-store purchases with Shopify POS
• Process purchases with your iPhone using Shopify Mobile
• Receive on-boarding support from a Shopify Guru
• Access ecommerce analytics
• Use built-in SEO, coupon codes and A/B testing
• Rely on fast servers and cutting edge infrastructure
• Fully PCI Level 1 Compliant checkout
• Unlimited SKUs
• Shopify is always adding free new features to help you sell

Shopify Ecommerce - Start your FREE trial now!


Photoshop services

Photoshop Services – Photo Editing and Retouching Custom Photoshop Services – Advanced Editing For Your Photos:

Advanced Photoshop Services:
  • Extensive improvements to photo coloration
  • Realistic old photo effects
  • Basic beauty retouching
  • Merge Photos
  • Change backgrounds
Basic Photoshop Services:
  • Red-eye Removal
  • Cropping and Resizing
  • Common image fixes like color and exposure adjustments
  • Removal of minor elements such as acne, stains and blotches, logos, etc.
  • Converting images to correct sizing for Facebook cover photos, Twitter backgrounds and logos, and other online uses.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The key to the success of any website is the proper optimization, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO marketing is the backbone of creating and maintaining a prominent, positive online presence. Your site must be available robots that will crawl your site and people will visit. To be visible on the Internet, it is necessary to target specific keywords relevant to your business and at the same time avoid those treacherous belched or spam techniques. Google and other search engines keep secret the specifics of their ranking algorithms, but much can be inferred from sites that are highly ranked on the basis of the information they share.

It is essential that your content is optimized without too many keywords that the website is user-friendly, to regularly update and be a functional link back to your site relevant and not spamming attacks.

SEM - Social Media Marketing

Marketing of social networks is based on the fact that customers are on social networks and expect that you're there to. Modern communication with customers’ needs involves the use of multiple channels, traditional and modern, with the mandatory use of the Internet as a medium.

Why is this so? In order to contact customers need to know where they spend the most time. Customers are using social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google and other communities.

The key point is the integration of social media into the overall marketing strategy. Customers talk about the products, and you're part of the story or are omitted. Social networks are a medium that allows the small financial investment, get a big market, build the story and turn customers that they work for you, to the mutual satisfaction with the quality of services offered to them.

Responsive design services

We offer you responsive web design service that can be tailored to users’ needs and device capabilities in the best way.

According to the public statistics, 5.1 out of 6.8 billion people in the world have a cell phone. By this year 28% of Internet usage is generated from a mobile phone. This trend presents an opportunity to take the traffic generated from your desktop.

TheOne offers responsive web design with services that will let your audience get images and media flexibility and appropriately presented on any device. We know how your website can be adapted for resolution, image size and scripting capabilities of other gadgets. Responsive design services can be very important for your business and provide a strong relation with your target audience.


Application Development

We offer custom application development. Our skilled developers have years of experience working with .net desktop and web applications, as well as with php open source CMS platform customizations. We achieved our applications to be integrated with numerous popular open source and commercial platforms, such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Lotus Notes, SiteCore etc. Our system analysts and developers completely understand your application requirements and are fully able to prepare architecture, tests and finally implement it.

Facebook App Development

Facebook is the biggest social network with more than a hundred million active users. But the power of the Facebook application is that most of the users are in the range of 18 to 28 years old, the Facebook users are well educated and mostly college and university students. This group of people is exactly the marketing nightmare for advertising. That is why a well-targeted advertisement on a Facebook application can be very highly paid.

Web Design & Development Solutions

Your website represents yourself. We are offering you our Web design and development solutions, so your web presentations would be useful extensions of your business or personals presentations. We offer custom based solutions for your needs, as well as open source CMS solution platforms, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Umbraco and many more. We at TheOne are committed to give our best to our clients, to accomplish all client wishes and to exceed them. Our professional and dedicated team is at your disposal.

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Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere.

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