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Photoshop services

Photoshop Services – Photo Editing and Retouching Custom Photoshop Services – Advanced Editing For Your Photos:

Advanced Photoshop Services:
  • Extensive improvements to photo coloration
  • Realistic old photo effects
  • Basic beauty retouching
  • Merge Photos
  • Change backgrounds
Basic Photoshop Services:
  • Red-eye Removal
  • Cropping and Resizing
  • Common image fixes like color and exposure adjustments
  • Removal of minor elements such as acne, stains and blotches, logos, etc.
  • Converting images to correct sizing for Facebook cover photos, Twitter backgrounds and logos, and other online uses.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The key to the success of any website is the proper optimization, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO marketing is the backbone of creating and maintaining a prominent, positive online presence. Your site must be available robots that will crawl your site and people will visit. To be visible on the Internet, it is necessary to target specific keywords relevant to your business and at the same time avoid those treacherous belched or spam techniques. Google and other search engines keep secret the specifics of their ranking algorithms, but much can be inferred from sites that are highly ranked on the basis of the information they share.

It is essential that your content is optimized without too many keywords that the website is user-friendly, to regularly update and be a functional link back to your site relevant and not spamming attacks.

SEM - Social Media Marketing

Marketing of social networks is based on the fact that customers are on social networks and expect that you're there to. Modern communication with customers’ needs involves the use of multiple channels, traditional and modern, with the mandatory use of the Internet as a medium.

Why is this so? In order to contact customers need to know where they spend the most time. Customers are using social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google and other communities.

The key point is the integration of social media into the overall marketing strategy. Customers talk about the products, and you're part of the story or are omitted. Social networks are a medium that allows the small financial investment, get a big market, build the story and turn customers that they work for you, to the mutual satisfaction with the quality of services offered to them.

Responsive design services

We offer you responsive web design service that can be tailored to users’ needs and device capabilities in the best way.

According to the public statistics, 5.1 out of 6.8 billion people in the world have a cell phone. By this year 28% of Internet usage is generated from a mobile phone. This trend presents an opportunity to take the traffic generated from your desktop.

TheOne offers responsive web design with services that will let your audience get images and media flexibility and appropriately presented on any device. We know how your website can be adapted for resolution, image size and scripting capabilities of other gadgets. Responsive design services can be very important for your business and provide a strong relation with your target audience.